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September 15, 2010


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XBOX World Magazine May 2012
My sincere thanks to editor and writer, Michael Gapper.

Angry Girl of the Week @!…
Many thanks to Daniel Nasserian!
My Official Facebook Page is here:… I am hoping it will help discourage fakes.
I have a few impersonators on dating websites, cam websites, Facebook, Myspace and so on - they are not me.
Any other "Nemo Valkyrja"s are fake. Other handles using my photos are also fake.
My artist profiles are only on Deviantart,, and

Kaye Webb Facebook faker:…
Melissa Cutting Facebook faker:……………;…;…;…;…
Kira Hill… and…
Dania Hensen…
Jessica Brooks…
User handles: Kira Hill, Percylovely, Acirepercy, Kaye, Kaye Webb, Samantha Kaye, hot_kaye101, hot_mich11, cute_sam145 (etc..)  are FAKE. It's confirmed that this person is profiting off this endeavor - so that's why I'm putting this up.
Stolen work:
Thank you ~WingedHeart158 and others for bringing it to my attention!!
Hope that clears things up but if not, please feel free to comment below. Thanks very much everyone! Love you Deviants!
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just wanted to point out another fake profile
There is a Twitter user, pretending to be you also:


She (or he, most probably) has posted many pics, and also decorate his/her profile with your photos.

Pathetic stuff.
NaklsonofNakkl Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here is another girl pretending to be you; though I doubt she is profiting in any way from it (yet): [link]

I knew she was fake because not to put myself down but you are far too attractive to be hitting on me. You are quite talented and as weird as it seems; I am now a follower because this fake person made me want to know who was really behind all these great cosplays. Keep up the good work!
NaklsonofNakkl Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
and since calling this person out they have removed their facebook. Welp, sorry this keeps happening. Maybe take it as flattery/envy of your talent? :P
hi nemo is that fake [link]
I think many of your fans would just like to see more of your work. Keep it coming. You are very talented.
I don't know if you have already seen this: [link]

I hope you aren't worry about this fakes and stuff like that too much. People see your beauty and forget about your personality. I don't know you but when i see your works, read your profile and look at your eyes I know you are pretty interesting and nice person. But other stupid guys just stop thinking when they see breast or short skirt. Live is too short for worries and crying about human stupidity.

Keep smiling and enjoy your life. I wish you many many nice days ;)

Greeting from Slovakia (Middle Europe)

With Regards
hi NV,

pls chk ur private msg on fb (query another fake or real profile? (dating))
RE: "e...a...562"

SD (aka: x)
Hey just wanted to say your costumes and photos are amazing. The names for some of your photos are perfect by the way. Keep it up!
Guess this is a another profile with your pics :D
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